Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hintera ERP

    Hintera ERP is a cloud-based ERP with a new set of business applications that has at its core,  tha aim of powering business and driving growth using; Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Inventory, Point of Sale (POS), Project Management, Human Resources (HR), etc. It optimizes business processes, encourages collaboration and engenders seamless working across all areas of a business.

  • Does my organization need an ERP System?

    Every field revolves round technology; hence the business world revolves round technology. Every business man or woman desires to see their business grow and that is why it is important to implement this system in your business, which will help you grow and run your business effectively.

  • How do I access my Hintera ERP solution?

    We will provide you with a URL to your Hintera ERP solution, accessible from any web browser on any device with an Internet connection. This URL uses a prefix you choose in the format { }, but we can also help you create a custom domain URL (

  • Can I control the level of access my users have to Hintera?

    Yes. Hintera allows users ( system managers ) to control what data users have access to including what permissions ( read, edit, submit ) users have to documents.

  • How will I be charged and billed for my use of Hintera ERP?

  • Do you offer training and support services ?

    Yes, we offer training services during implementation. we also offer post-implementation support services.

  • Can your end-report be exported to excel?

    Yes, reports generated on Hintera platform can be exported to Excel.

  • Can other data be imported to Hintera ERP?

    Yes, data in CSV format, preferably in Excel format can be imported. The data to be imported will be put in the same template Hintera expects, so that the right data can be absorbed into the right fields on the platform

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