Manufacturing Industry

Streamline your supply chain operations, minimize waste, improve staff productivity and service delivery.


Inventory Management
  • Manage items and order, creation & management of warehouse(s)
  • Track movement of materials and products
  • Create and manage multiple warehouses to store items, etc.
Project Management
  • Create work orders on the go
  • Control and monitor project costs, activity and progress
  • Track labour for non- productive time
  • Get weekly notifications on updated tasks.
BOM Management
  • Maintain an accurate list of all materials
  • Plan and manage inventory, cost
  • Document manufacturing process efficiently
Finance & Budgeting
  • Improve forecast accuracy and financial control
  • Generate different reports that shows the financial KPIs of the business,
  • Manage & streamline accounting operations such as sales invoice, purchase invoice, etc.
Customer Relations
  • Capture customer interactions from sales opportunities
  • Easily locate customer orders to verify delivery status
Production Management
  • Track purchases for a specific order, manage timelines with deliverables
  • Reduce lead times for faster delivery.

Flexible, Reliable and Easy to Use