Services Industry

Provide services with ease


Project Management
  • Create and assign work orders, recurring tasks
  • Control and monitor project costs, activity and progress
  • Get notifications and alerts, process an order in one click.
Inventory Management
  • Manage items and order, creation & management of warehouse(s)
  • Track movement of materials and products
  • Create and manage multiple warehouses to store items, etc.
Finance & Budgeting
  • Generate invoices, send statements, collect and apply statements, track commissions, audit trail of all transactions.
Customer Management
  • Capture and manage customer interactions from sales opportunities, post- sales support
  • Provide consistent and up to date data to help teams manage forecasts, quotas and results, collaborate and with customers via portal
  • Track expenses and revenue related to a marketing campaign, schedule preventive maintenance.

Flexible, Reliable and Easy to Use